Tuesday, August 23


Here is the boy stuff I have been so slow putting up.  My mother in law is here visiting and we are having such a good time with her that I haven't had time to post these ideas.  But...since we find out TOMORROW at 10:15am I figured I better put some stuff online now...just so it will be fair! :)

Here are some of my ideas:
From Etsy user CutItOut Design
I really like this wall decal.  So cute! I most likely will not use these colors because they are very close to Christians room, but I do love the decal.  We aren't using Nathan either (It has forever been tarnished by a boy from 5th grade) but we are still up in the air on boy names.  Gibson...something.  Or maybe something Gibson.  I don't know.

I've been looking for an excuse to get one of those, "Keep Calm and Carry On" prints, and then I saw this:
From Etsy user PosterPop
I'd love to have this one in the room, maybe over the changing table.

How sweet are these images from a nursery I found online? I really like the colors they used:

Doesn't that smoky blue look great with the red and white?

I'd love to know where they got this plane
This toy plane would be a serious splurge but I'd love one if we do an airplane nursery
(all photos from On To Baby)

If we do the airplane theme I'm thinking of keeping the colors to Navy, Bright Red and White.  I'd love to do a red and white striped rug, something like this:
 But I get stumped on the walls.  I want a color, but I think all navy would be too much.  Maybe half navy and half white? Chris may kill me if I ask him to do a split colored wall again.  He did such an amazing job last time though...I could maybe do a white chair rail in between? Hummmm...

What do you think of this bedding?
PBKids bedding
I'd probably do the bumper and other sheets or blanket though.

Okay so that was a mess of pictures and ideas, but I think you get the gist of it.

Love, Nicole

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