Tuesday, August 23


So I've been throwing around our favorite names here on the blog, but here is the (un)official list.  Its as official as its going to get b/c I can't remember them all.  That and some of Chris' crazy ones I'm afraid to put in print.  :)

 Juliet Austen is our front runner.  We picked it when we were pregnant the first time.  We'd call her Juliet and Jules, and Austen is for my favorite writer, Jane Austen. 
We also very much love:
Sophia (with Sophie for short)
Ever ( I really like this one!)
Francesca (okay just I love this one... :)
Aubrey or Avery (not sure if I ran these by Chris, but I love them)


Gibson  is our front runner.  Its my maiden name so it adds some family to it...just haven't figured a middle name.  Gibson Cruz?  Gibson Bennett? Or maybe something Ecuadorian? That would be cool.  Not sure what yet...?
Phoenix (I still like this one a little)
Captain (this is Chris' personal favorite after Gibson.  Yes he is crazy.  Captain Baksa? Ha ha :)
Noah (I pulled this one out of no where but I like it)

 Hummmm...any ideas???

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