Tuesday, August 30

Decorating Extravaganza

----On My Wish List----

Master Bed & Bath-
From oaxacaborn.wordpress.com
  • Tie backs for curtains: We have needed these forever.  Its just one of those things you put off doing and then two years later you are still laying the curtains over the side of the chairs to keep them open.  
  • Two pillows for our side chairs: I like these bright ones in a damask print. 
  • Update yellow flower arrangement
  • Wall decal for over tub: I want something fun to put over the space where our master tub is. 


  • Material for curtains- The color of the walls in the office is a sunshine yellowish color.  Its darker than the yellow above so I'm hoping to find some material that matches.  The office is getting a daybed and we are removing one of the two desks to make it more of a half guest bedroom/ half office.  It is one of the brightest rooms in the house so it needs curtains before anyone sleeps in there.  
Living Room-

  • New throw pillows- I like the one I posted yesterday and I'm still on the lookout for a couple of white ones. The one above is from amazon.  I want something that will add some texture but still be machine washable.  
  • Blue accents for bookcase- Not sure what yet, but maybe a few vases or picture frames.   
  • Bins for toys in bookcase- White bins from Ikea to hold and HIDE Christians toys.
  • New red & white print coffee mugs
  • New centerpiece for table
  • New tablecloth  
Front Porch-
  • Door mat
  • Some sort of decoration for front porch

Most of this has been on the to-do list since we moved in. :)

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