Thursday, August 18

Possible Girl Themes

Penelope quilt from Pottery Barn Kids
This is a sweet quilt from Pottery Barn.  It fits my color scheme of pinks and browns (to tie in the furniture).  What do you think? I figure I could get a big wall decal of a tree with birds on it...maybe something like this:
From Etsy user WallArtDesign

I could do a darker brown tree, and have the walls painted a pale pink.  We could make a mobile out of bird Christmas tree ornaments (I so want to try this) and work in some cute bird details in picture frames and maybe a little bird cage on a shelf.

Another option...
Pink Elephant quilt from BabySuperMall
 This is pretty cute huh? I hadn't thought of an elephant theme, but it could be pretty cute and I like that its something different. 
From Etsy user WhimsyWallArt
Brooke Bedding by Bananafish from Target

I like this bedding from Bananafish, but it doesn't really help me with a theme.  Not that I have to have a theme, but it does make it a little more child-like and Christians room has the animals and I really like the way it turned out. 

We'll see...maybe a more solid bedding and just decorate with the fairy theme.  Uh who knows!

I've got some cute boy ideas, I'll be sure to post them by this weekend.  I like to have a nursery idea nailed down for a boy and a girl that way when I find out the sex I can get started right away.  My goal is to be done with the nursery and my projects around the house before Thanksgiving. 

Love, Nicole

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