Monday, August 1


Christian and I both reached a milestone today.  He turned 18 months and I reached my 17th week in pregnancy.  Christian celebrated by terrorizing the dog and I celebrated by stopping him and saying over and over, "Gentle.  Be gentle to the dog."  Over the last week Christian has been fascinated by Angelo.  He wants to touch him, lay on him, push him off his bed, spank him and tell him NO, and then afterwards pet him and say, "entle." We are working on it :)

Christian is getting so big.  Everyday he does or says something new.  Here are a few:
  • Now that C is sleeping in his big boy bed we leave his and our door open at night.  When he wakes up (hopefully at 7 and not 3am) he comes out of his room, shuts his door, comes into ours and then shuts our door and then says, "Na" or "Ma" until I lift him up into bed.   (Na being his Nicole/Mama hybrid) If he's really hungry he will tap my shoulder and then start pointing at the door so I can get his milk.  Its pretty funny.  There's no crying, just door slamming. 
  • We took Christian out on the boat Sunday and he had the best time.  The boat moving made him fall asleep and when he woke up we were on the beach.  He played in the sand but avoided the water until Chris took him out (somewhat against his will).  After that he was in love.  He came up to me afterwards, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the ocean.  It was so fun to see him running and jumping, throwing the ball and fearlessly running into the water.  
  • He has figured out that my garden is accessible to him, regardless of the fence.  I've seen him standing over there a few times when we are outside playing, but recently he's been grabbing red tomatoes right off the vine and eating them.  Then he runs over to me and says, "All gone!"
  • The kid is obsessed with trash.  I find this especially funny since Chris told me he wanted to be a trash man when he was little.  Not the one driving the one hanging off the back...the fun one.  Well his son much have picked up on that because he searches the house for something, anything to put in the trash.  Thankfully he has figured out the difference somewhat.  He will bring me a tiny piece of paper, say, "trash" and run to the trash can to put it in.  He does this over and over. He claps for himself most times.
  • I will post a picture because you have to see Christians surprised face.  His eyes are open wide, his mouth in a "o" shape and he looks so surprised.  He does this to many things.  If he gets something especially good to eat.  Or something he eats every day.  When he looks inside a bag or my purse or the grocery bag.  When the door bell rings, or when throws the ball really far.  You always hear that seeing the world through their eyes is amazing, but until I got to I really didn't understand.                                                                                                                                                          
  • Oh and he can throw a ball better than I can.

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