Monday, August 15

Preparing the Baby for the Baby

Christian borrowed a baby doll from Kylin and he loves her.  He chose the girl doll over the boy one, so maybe he knows something I don't.  We are hoping that this is helping out with being gentle for when the real baby comes. 
 I got this bouncer at a garage sale for $5 and apparently neglected to tell Christian it was for the new baby.  He will not stay out of it.  Since it was only $5 I figure I'll let him have his fun.  It is too sweet to see him curl up with his baby in it. 

Christian also got this stroller to push his baby around.  We have been outside many times to take "Baby" as he calls her, for a walk.  I'm not allowed to push the baby though.  It's his Baby.  His.  
I'm hoping all this loving of the baby sticks with him. 

Love you guys!

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