Tuesday, August 30

A Few New Pictures

Here are some new pictures of Christian.  We got a few when Chris' mom was here visiting, although I think we were having too much fun to get many :)  I'll look through them soon and try to get them posted. 

We went downtown and rode the trolley, went to Jekyll Island and played in the ocean, and ate lots of wonderful food prepared by Myriam. 

It was too short of a visit, can't wait for you to come back Myriam!

Christian and I floating at Jekyll Island

Doesn't this look like an old time bathing suit?

This child could not have more hair

Running in the square downtown.

Yum, dum dum suckers!

I can't remember what was going on here! Pj's and my hat...

Naked time

How sweet is he? Love his little cheeks

Eating pretzels and wearing dad's hat

He was much more interested in the pretzels than the pool

On the trolley- look at my gigantic 20 week stomach!

These are so out of order :)

Each wearing a work shoe, they were taking a lap around the house! Practicing for future father son races I guess :)

Ha ha! How cute are they? They match too!

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