Wednesday, January 6

Baby Clothes!

I love this outfit, one of my favorites. Chris and I found it at Babies R Us for like $4 dollars. It looks so comfortable... I need a pair of these velour pants.
I picked up these sports onesies for Chris. They are the cutest sports themed stuff I've seen so far, so I figured I better nab them.
I love this onesie! So cute. It says, "Rockin" on the sleeve. Now he just needs some little pants.
I got this one for the grandmas. Adorable huh?
Chris' aunts from Ecuador made this. It is unbelievably cute. Little booties, a sweater and a bonnet. I mean you don't get any cuter than this. I still can't believe they knitted this. I hope Christian gets some of these talented genes from his Ecuador family.

We also picked up some pj's for the little guy in size newborn (only size we didn't really have much of) and a couple of onesies.

I want to grab a pair of 0-3 months jeans and he needs a few pairs of pants (I think he has 2 pairs right now) that I can put on over his onesies. He's got lots of socks thanks to his Colorado family but he still needs a few hats and some long sleeved onesies.

I feel like after that we've pretty much got the little guy covered at least to 4 months or so.


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