Friday, January 1

New Years Day

What are you up to this New Years Day?

Last night we went to Mindy and Troys and partied it up (Chris)! :) I stayed up until 2am which is a pregnancy miracle right there. We played some games, had some drinks and an all around good time. I stuck to the sparkling grape juice thank you very much.

Today so far we have been super lazy. Angelo has been playing non stop with Cincy, Jen and Dave's cute little puppy, we are dog sitting. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?Chris started his day off with a little Xbox, followed by football and now he's watching The Hangover...I'd say he's in heaven. The second part of the day is mine, because we have reservations at Tangerines...sushi...yumm! We are also going to stop by Babies R Us and check out the giant sale that is going on :)

It has been a pretty nice first day of the year, so far.

Hope yours is fabulous as well.

Love, coley

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