Thursday, January 21

Oh thank goodness we are almost done...

Looky here...thanks to Mindy the babies curtains are up!
We got the toy hanger up, the numbers canvas up and the real pictures up!
We couldn't have done it without all the help of our friends.
thank you guys~

Here is the awesome giraffe graphic that Jen made for us! Thanks Jen, you rock.

Here are the real pictures, finally in the frames. So cute.And thanks to Em for sending the car seat. Mr. Monkey tried it out for us...he reports that is it comfortable and soft.

We have officially bought everything that was still on our list.
I plan to fully pack us tomorrow.
The awesome girls from work threw me a shower and the Lunch Bunch (the most awesome women eVER,) got us our Pack n Play!!!
This weekend we are going to clean the house and
I'm getting my toes done early next week (so necessary :)

People...I think we can have a baby boy now.

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  1. Nicole you are just so cute! Kelley