Saturday, January 16

Random Picture Update

Here are the canvas' I painted for Christians bathroom. Now I just have to touch them up, add the blue or orange and attach the ribbon. And done!

We are finally getting things hung up. Here's the numbers canvas and the hanging toy bin. More to come on that later. I still need to fix it up a bit and we have to get to Home Depot and get a decorative hook to hang it from.

These current pictures are just place holders until we get something with better resolution. Hard to tell the blurriness in this picture, but at least they are up! The clock is up! We are getting there people.

And last but not least, here is my buddy that I get to hang out with all the time now that I'm home. This was like 1 of 20 shots, because he would not stop licking me in the face and moving around. Check my uniform. I am seriously wearing some variation of this outfit, black leggings, boots, tank and black sweater, until I give birth. Well and probably for some time after that. I can't stand to put anything else on but yoga pants and I'm not so far gone that I can just wear sweats every day. Well not yet....haha. Anyways, I'm giant, but what are you going to do? haha. Like the boots? I'm obsessed.

Love, coley

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  1. I love the boots!!! We should have gone back in Rugged Wearhouse and beat the bathroom Nazi with them ;0) -Linz