Thursday, January 21


So here's the news:

As of last Thursday, the little bambino was 3500 grams. (this translates to 7lbs 14oz or so....this is the "guess" that the ultrasound formula gives us. It could be a pound less or more...I know real accurate).

If the baby gets to 4000 grams (somewhere around 8lbs 13 ounces...or so) then we are having a C-section on Sunday 31st or Monday 1st, bright and early.

We get his new updated measurement this Monday 25th at 10:45am! And then we'll know! We cannot wait to find out when we get to meet our little guy.

Based on these "guesses" they think at 39 weeks (Sunday 31st) baby Christian will be 9lbs 1oz.

As for our guesses...I think the baby will be 8lbs 4oz, 21 inches long. Chris thinks 8lbs 13oz, 21 1/2 inches long. Feel free to make your guesses in the comments section! We'd love to hear them.

all our love,
the Baksas

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