Thursday, January 7

Update on Today

DONE!1. Call and change dietian appointment. Its conflicting with me 10 other appts next week! :)
2. Get pediatrician names from friends. Live here? Got one? Email me.
PARTIALLY DONE3. Sew orange ribbon on bumper
DONE!4. Get ready for Endocrinologist and Pernatology appts.
DONE!5. 1:30-endo
DONE!6. 3:00- perna
7. 4:30- Home! Start curtains
DONE!8. 6:00- Start dinner

5 1/2 OUTTA 8....not bad :)

Tomorrow's List:
  1. Finish sewing bumper
  2. Wash crib sheets (little niece Kylin is coming to stay the night with her Auntie and Uncle)
  3. Go get new shoes that fit swollen feet
  4. Go through rest of mail
  5. Catch up on list with Chris
  6. Straighten babies room
  7. Go get Kylin at 5
  8. Get Pediatrician names

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