Wednesday, January 6

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The material for the curtains is here!!!!!

Like my model I got to hold them up? :) They are super bright and I just love them. Love love. The guy at the fabric store said, "wow this is bright material...what's your project?" and I told him curtains for my babies room. He gave me the, oh, wow, oh, look, and so I had tell him at my house we go bold or we don't go at all, dang it. He needs to come see my living room. :)

Anyway it looks great...I know what I'm doing here :)

We did a little baby shopping last week, allow me to show you some of our fun buys. After I put the picture of those Pumas up in the last post, Chris had to get our little guy some. Had to. I'm telling you he has a soft spot in his heart for tiny Pumas and mini Timberland boots. Cause my husband usually wants to know how much it is first, then we'll discuss the cute factor later, but not this time. :) Here are the Pumas we got, and below is the Timberland boots Christian will get as soon as he can walk (according to his dad :)

I also found this canvas of blue and brown numbers at Marshall's and thought it would look great over the chair. I wanted to bring in some elements that weren't animals and I thought this was cute and a great size for where I wanted to put it. Plus the colors are right on. Carrying around these paint swatches has totally paid off.

More pictures to come when I get the curtains made (tomorrow!), and my model here gets the curtain rods and canvas hung (soon Chris? pretty please?). Its coming together people. I cannot wait to open the door and just see it done. I've been envisioning it for so long and its really starting to take form. If I have any material left, I'm going to try and cut a silhouette of an animal out and sew it onto a white pillow (since I can't find the exact one I want...) We'll see how much time I have left. Or maybe I'll spell out his initials (if we ever give him a middle name..)

We'll see. Love, Coley

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