Thursday, January 7

Why is it so cold???...we do live in Georgia

Burrrrr! It is so cold here. I do not know what the deal is. Thankfully I have not had to get up early to go to work, so I really shouldn't complain too much.

This is my first week off. I saw my doctors Monday and they were very happy I was taking it easy, especially after all they put me thru that day.

To keep myself on task and to avoid sitting here watching You Got Mail for the 15th time, I thought I'd put my to do list out here for everyone to see. Keep me honest ;)

(christo got me this planner for it)

1. Call and change dietian appointment. Its conflicting with me 10 other appts next week! :)
2. Get pediatrician names from friends. Live here? Got one? Email me.
3. Sew orange ribbon on bumper
4. Get ready for Endocrinologist and Pernatology appts.
5. 1:30-endo
6. 3:00- perna
7. 4:30- Home! Start curtains
8. 6:00- Start dinner

And its pretty much all over when Chris gets home :) I just want to hang with him.

I'll let you know how close to all of 8 I get.

News*** all my long distance friends get happy! We got you all a belated Christmas present...we are getting a home phone line! Tomorrow! So now all this, can you hear me? yes I'm at home? I know,you can't hear me, right? HEllo!? Is going to stop. I will be mass texting the number as soon as I get it. Thank goodness. So now if I go into labor at home I don't have to wait until 6pm when Chris comes home, I will actually be able to call him to come and get me. :)

love, Coley

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