Tuesday, January 12

Things I need to STOP doing this late in pregnancy

  1. Stop watching The Baby Story. I have got to stop watching this show. As I type this, I am in fact watching the Baby Story right now. Why?! Why can't I stop. Its like just knowing its on or something, I get hooked on the first nice part, you know where they are like, "oh look at our house, we are all ready for the baby, our family will be here soon, blah blah" and then like 2 commercials in when they are at the hospital having the baby, someone will say something stupid like, "Oh the epidural doesn't really cover the pain of the head coming out, just the other stuff"! What!? And that was a doctor on the show. Seriously. Do they not want me to sleep for the next 4 weeks? So anyways, I have GOT to turn this show off.
  2. Thinking about this whole breastfeeding thing...I mean I've taken the classes, I've watched more than one video, and I am putting that stuff..that Lanolin stuff on myself daily now. I mean there is nothing more I can do. I'm done worrying about it! Done done. (notice that I did not put a picture with this one... :) haha)
  3. Being ready! I think about it all day, I dream about it all night. We are suppose to get our bags packed this week (eek!) and there are a few other hundred things we need to do (or so I think) and it freaks me out! We really only have to interview pediatricians, pack our bags, wash a few more things, wash sheets for guest bedroom, and get on a list for one of our top daycares. What my "brain" thinks we need to do includes some of the following: make room for baby stuff in front closet, organize/decorate bookcase, make curtains for kitchen and babies room, buy like 100 more things, wash all of our clothes, um I could go on but this blog isn't long enough. Both of the moms have told me to stop doing things because they are coming to do everything and I know they will, but I'm a planner, and being pregnant is apparently making me crazy and I am horrified that something won't get done. :) Issues I tell you.
  4. Doing anything on the floor. Who do I think I am? I look like this:
I have no business getting on the floor. Ever. And I realize this as soon as I try to get up. Why can't I remember I'm carrying a bowling bowl out front? Oh I know, pregnancy brain :)


love, coley

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  1. I LOVE BABY STORY !!! You sit there and watch BABY STORY and relax why we slave over our desks !!!! HA HA HA HA HA
    Really - we miss you horribly !!
    Denise and Gang